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    with an emphasis on the classical narrative


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    2017 Spring Film Previews

    ​premiered 6.05.2017

    S U N N Y

    sci-fi romance

    Winner, Best Experimental Narrative Film Award

    cinematography by Landon Benner & Samuel Blake

    P O P

    by Devorah & Madeley & Kayla & Ailleen

    8th Grader

    "Best of Show" Award

    C E L L O

    intelligence, passion, a 6th Grader's Performance

    filmed by Landon Benner

    N A R R A T I V E

    D A N C E

    organic motion

    2 0 2 0

    a classical narrative

    LAUSD Academy of Motion Picture of Arts Selection,

    SPRING 2017

    R A N D O M


    M I L L I K A N

    a ms school advert.

    THE T E E N A G ER

    P R O B L E M

    coming of age

    T H E

    D R A M A

    G A M E

    ​the dark side of competition

    A I R

    International Children's Film Fest Recipient

    N U B E


    1 1 : 3 4


    A N U S H

    Filmmaker of the Year Recipient

    N U M B E R E D


    S C E N E S

    delusions & deceptions

    C O N D U I T

    relationship drama

    W A R G A M E S

    An Excerpt from Epic War Comedy

    T H E. O D D C L A S S

    A Sitcom

  • Louis De Barraicua.

    "We become what we do with our free time because it's our passion. With film, it's also a discipline to learn the basics and finding your artistic voice. The Advanced Film program works best for students who appreciate the time in school to be actively creative and collaborating with others to make a film. It seems easy, but it's so complex that if there is no passion for filmmaking the effort hardly seems worth it.


    Three common challenges student encounter are:

    1. Applying the discipline of classical storytelling
    2. Collaborating with others
    3. Pushing through the never-ending, seemingly impossible obstacles


    Some learn that they don't like working with others while some find a specific niche in film, like producing, writing, or acting. Others learn that they cannot manage their own time without being micromanaged. In the end, the FILM DEVELOPMENT & PRODUCTION experience teaches students more about who they are now and who they want to become by being tasked with films to show their peers."

    Louis de Barraicua


    Louis De Barraicua entered filmmaking as an award-winning fiction writer from USC. As a developing amateur photographer, Louis De Barraicua puts a great deal of emphasis on the the visual aesthetics of student films. In the beginning, at least one day of instruction per week is dedicated to image composition (cinematography).


    A handful of our films have been invited by local promoters seeking high quality content for their film festivals. Recently, our film "Sunny" won "The Best Experimental Film" and "The Drama Game" and "Air" were selections at the Comic-Con-based International Children's Film Festival and the LA Shorts Film Festival at LA LIVE! by the Staples Center.

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